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Bessey Horizontal Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp - 60mm

Bessey Horizontal Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp - 60mm

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Features & Benefits

* Auto-Adjusts to variations in work piece height from 20-60 mm
* Holding capacity up to 317Kg
* Integrated pressure screw allows clamping force adjustment from 11-249Kg
* Large ergonomic handle
* High quality construction
* Spindle has an M8 thread

The Bessey Auto-Adjust Horizontal Toggle Clamps are the ideal choice for clamping. They can be used to hold material during any process where materials cannot move during the cutting, drilling, gluing, welding or drying process. These clamps can be pre-set to different clamping pressures, dependant on the job, and the material. This pressure remains constant throughout the clamping range, and requires no change in adjustment for different thickness materials.

This horizontal Bessey clamp can hold material up to 60mm thick.
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